ONE PLATFORM TO MANAGE YOUR MULTI-CLOUD INFRASTRUCTURE The only Self-Service platform with Managed Services capabilities; Do it yourself or get it done by an Expert! WORLD SAW THE COMPLEXITIES IN CLOUD MANAGEMENT WE SAW AN OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE IT EASY FOR YOU! World’s most user-friendly Cloud Management Platform ACCELERATE YOUR CLOUD BUSINESS WITH TRACK MY CLOUD TMC’s partner programs help you capitalize on every possible opportunity in your business growth.

About Track My Cloud

Track My Cloud is a SaaS platform designed to be an all-in-one solution to manage complex, sophisticated Cloud. TMC offers a bouquet of 5 solutions with 800+ features, simplifying monitoring & optimization of spends, done on managing the cloud infrastructure.


Health Check-ups


Cost Allocation


Tag-Based Reports

$ 800K+

Money Saved


Comprehensive solution to manage all complex cloud problems

Cloud Visibility

Cloud Visibility acts as a single pane of glass for your multi-cloud infrastructure. It aggregates terabytes of your unstructured data into interactive graphical dashboards and customized reports leading to improved cost monitoring and inventory management.

Optimization & Allocation

Track My Cloud helps you prevent cost leaks and inaccurate resource planning with accurate recommendations to optimize your cloud infrastructure. Save up to 75% on your cloud bill by decentralizing 100% of your cost with Cost Optimizer and Cost Allocation.

Governance & Reporting

A watchdog for your cloud infrastructure, it allows you to set up security & budget alerts and create reports that are automatically shared with stakeholders. Platform also allows third-party integrations to enable smooth collaboration.

Security & Health

Your dynamic cloud infrastructure can fall vulnerable to 400+ points of failures. TMC’s Security & Health can identify all those vulnerabilities in your infrastructure within a single pane of glass. A turnkey solution to manage all compliances.

Cloud Automation

Minimize human effort and improve engineering efficiency through workload scheduling, automated backups and automating repetitive tasks like automatic resource clean-up, automatic restarts, automatic back-ups etc.

The most
user-friendly Cloud Management Platform

A complete stack of dedicated services to ace cloud management. An intuitive and clear UI to enhance user experience. Easy on-boarding process to help you get started without any prior expertise.

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Key Benefits

A complete stack of dedicated services to ace cloud management. An intuitive and clear UI to enhance user experience.
Easy on-boarding process to help you get started without any prior expertise.

Track, monitor, and reduce the overall cost of your cloud.

Drive your organization's cloud strategy with minimum efforts

Implement data-driven decisions with accurate insights

Implement security best practices and strategies

Manage all cloud operations with maximum efficiency and ROI

Justify every dollar spent by IT resources

Efficient Solutions, Amazing Prices

Widget based pricing. Pay for only what you use and upgrade as you scale up your cloud infrastructure.



The feather bear cloud service as the name suggests version allows you to calculate and visualize your cloud consumption across your multi cloud environments. By seeing your consumption transparently you can accurately view your cloud bill with a microscope




of your overall
cloud consumption
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Association required*)



of your overall
cloud consumption

The fluffy option which gives you deeper insights into how you are managing your cloud deployments. You can minutely not only segment your consumption but also deploy best practices to optimize your cloud infrastructure



The fully loaded cloud service allows you to sit back and let us manage your cloud infrastructure. Track My Cloud team will manage your cloud deployments are nimble and economical and always optimized and secure.

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Offer a complete suite of cloud services with automation capabilities, creating new streams of revenue for your business.

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TMC’s robust capabilities enable you and your customers with advanced solutions to meet their ever-changing requirements.

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TMC enables you to offer modern SaaS and IP led services to acquire and retain more customers improving their Lifetime value.

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